Q: What is the first weight and additional weight?
A: The first weight refers to the minimum weight charge. Parcel within the first weight unit will be charged as the first weight unit. Any addtional weight over the first weight will be addtional charge thereafter.

Q: What goods can be sent?
A: subject to customs restrictions, prohibited items can not be sent, different channels corresponding to send different types of goods.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time is under estimate normal circumstances. Incleament weather, custom clearance, holidays, peak season or any unforeseen circumstances may caused shipment delay. Sea freight will takes more longer time, can be upto 30-40 work days. Sensitive parcel will take longer time during custom process.

Q: What is the volumetric weight?
A: The volumetric shipping charge base on the dimensional weight of the shipment when dimensional is exceeds than the actual weight. For example, one item is 50cm in length, 60cm in width and 85cm in height.
The formula: (length (cm) × width (cm) × high (cm)) / volumetric basic= volume weight (kg).
The first item is EMS-package. The weight of this item is (50 × 60 × 85) / 10000 = 25.5 (kg);
The second to take the DHL sent, then the weight of this item is (50 × 60 × 85) / 5000 = 51 (kg);
The above two comparison, the EMS-package cost-effective!
At present, EMS, China Post’s volumetric basic is 10000, Toll-DPEX, DHL’s volumetrics basic is 5000, DPE volumetrics basic is 6000.

Q: I submit the package over the limit of how to do?
A: If the product exceeds the limit, you will be prompted to submit the package, you need to remove some of the goods, sub-submission submission. The current air bag limit weight 2kg, the rest of the logistics methods are limited to 20kg, 30kg range.

Q: Why my parcel status did not change?
A: When your package leaves China, it will be put in queue to be delivered to Malaysia. During this transit, the status will not change, so it is common to see your package stuck in the status “Dispatch …” , “In transit…”, “Estimated…” , “custom processing”, “Held in Custom”. This transit is the longest process for delivery.

Q: Why I can’t track any information about parcel?
A: Most of the time, it’s because the information has not been updated by the shipping company. Sometimes tracking information will not be updated in time. They need at least 3 days for tracking to be posted. Please be patient. If the parcel was sent during public holidays, the information may be available after the holiday. If the parcel status still pending in some status, pls try track in relevant courier company website at your destination country.

Q: When is busy season?
A: Busy season is November to February every year. This is because of Christmas and Chinese New Year. Taobao 11.11 sales carnival every year is busy season too.

Q:What location is not deliver or extra charge?
A:For Highland or remote Island do not have any door to door delivery, you may need to collect parcel from courier hub. Some outskirt or remote area which far from city, will have extra delivery charge. Please do inquiry before place order.

Q: How to avoid fail delivery?
A: Please make sure you fill up the correct full address and details. Customer need takes iniatiative keep track to the shipment status. You can contact courrier for second delivery attempt or self pick-up from courier branch hub which they only store for 7days. After that, parcel will return to courier main warehouse hub, addtional cost can be charged for requesting delivery reattempt on this, this extra charge bear by customer. Normally failed delivery parcel only storage for 7-20days. Overdue parcel will be discard without notification.

Q: What should I do for parcel not receive?
A: If you still do not get your parcel 10 working days Air shipway) or 30 works days (Sea way, depend destination country) after the shipping date, please contact us for help tracking your parcel. Buy2taobao will request China shipping agency to investigate further with courier company. Please email us the following information: * Order number & Tracking number.
It might take a long time to get the detailed tracking list. Generally speaking, initial checking will take 15-20 working days. Sometimes the tracking might fail, and the China shipping agency will have to send the request again.