How It Works

1.Use address
Shopping or relatives send goods directly to our warehouse address.
2.Arrived warehouse hub
Parcel arrived in warehouse hub, We will immediately notified by e-mail to submit your receiving address and order.
3.Pack-up and shipped
Pack-up is completed, If you pay shipping-fee the same day we will be shipped to you.
4.Receive parcel
Patiently wait for 3-7 days to receive the parcel, and the points of our services do receive a comment.


You free transit warehouses in China, transported to all over the world!
Private free China's hub address, remotely hosted
Own electricity supplier in China to buy something? Relatives and friends want to send the parcel to you? They can be transported to the world entrusted to us!
Aotomated fast
Buy2taobao automated warehouse system can handle orders and parcels in large scale and help to enhance the processing process and lower the shipping cost. Once you submit the shipping order, we will process your parcel within a day.
Free re-packing & parcel consolidation service
We provide free re-packing service can save your shipping cost by reducing either dimension or the unnecessary weight of the pakage. Free parcel consolidation service too. If you have multiple packages at our warehouse all with the same shipping destination, we will help you combine all these separate pakages into a large pakage. You just need pay once shipping fee!
Free Storage Upto 60 days
Buy2You provides you free storage of the packages at our warehouse hub for up to 60 days. With this free storage, international shopper can have a lot time to enjoy China online shopping.
Pay Only for International Shipping Cost, no extra cost
Use BUY2YOU forwarding service, you just need pay for International postage fee. NO other fees charge. Unlike other package forwarders that charge membership fee and high shipping rate,Buy2taobao provide you low fare in International postage fee! View shipping price ...

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