Delivery Terms & Conditions
  1. Shipping charge is exclude tax, customer be responsible for custom taxes

  2. Sensative goods must via special shipping channel : liquid (e.g. skincare , perfume) / cosmetics/ powder substance/ branded products (e.g. Nike, Adidas, LV, Chanel)/ counterfeit products/ electronic item (e.g. computer device, electrical equipment) / Animal made leather/ cutter item/ knife tool/ battery substance/ magnet substance/ medicine substance/ candle/ CD DVD/ sex item/ light foods & drinks/ Soap/ Radio Signal Transmitting Device
    Note: If customer insist on general channel, all risk will borne by customer for any happens to have custom forfeited, any loss, fines, returns and extra costs inccure.

  3. All prohibited items are not allowed to ship/import : mobile phone/tablet , laptop; counterfeit products; drugs; valuable jewelry; cash, currency, money orders, cashiers’ checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds and collectible stamps and coins; foods; plants and animals; products made with animal skin (furs); firearms, weaponry and their parts; military, police and tactical equipment of any kind; any pills products or prescription drugs; flammable liquid or gases; toxic products; corrosives; chemicals; radioactive materials; pornographic, indecent or immoral items; radar equipment; vehicles; tobacco; alcohol; cosmetics; medical equipment and devices; loterry tickets and gambling devices, tools and utility knives; lock picking devices; agricultural products, such as seeds; government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be or that look similar to government identification documents.

  4. Special sensitive items: Electronic scooter, kid’s electronic vehicle, ceramic tile, vehicle tyre, motor will have addtional special ship fee. Please contact CS for more info.

  5. Prohibited / sensitive goods is not entitled to any claim; Sensitive goods consfisctated by customs, Buy2you not bear any responsible. All risk undertake by customer.

  6. Buy2you is not responsible any goods damage caused by courier mishandling, bad weather condition, insufficient or not-proper packing by seller. Please do avoid purchase fragile or easy broken item.

  7. Buy2you not responsible any shipping delay caused by holidays, bad weather, flight delay or held in custom inspections. But we will try best follow up for these.

  8. International postage chargeble weight of a package is calculated based on volumetrics calculation of size of the parcel or actual weight which including packaging from seller, whichever is higher.

  9. Seller could be separate deliver the items in several parcels without notify us. Any seperate parcel once has confirmed from seller and still left behind in warehouse or Any goods resend by seller, customer need bear the international shipping fee due to shipping charges is according the parcel weight or size.

  10. Parcel free storage for 30days, after 30days will charge storage fee cny2 per parcel. After 60days no any payment action. Overdue parcel will discard without notification and no refundable.

  11. Please do check the content of the parcel and quantity of the items before sign. Please refuse to sign if you find out any damage or any objection. Once the parcel is signed by you, this agreed confirm parcel received in good conditions and buy2you not bear the responsible on this.

  12. Customer need take initiative keep track for the delivery tracking status. Customer has to bear the addtional costs for failure of delivery to delivery re-attempt or new correction address. Normally failed delivery parcel only storage for 7-20days depending on local courier’s storage terms. Overdue parcel will be discard without notification and we not bear for any responsiblity.

  13. Parcel delivered to address which restricted area (University/School, Any station hub, PO Box, Unknown warehouse, Address has receptionist/ security access control). We not bear for any lost if parcel signed behalf by someone.

If my parcel lost, can I get compensation?

For “Buy For Me” purchase service, Buy2you will offer you full compensation if the parcel lost during the delivery ; So we strongly recommend you to choose purchase service for your parcel. Prohibited goods and certain sensitive goods is not entitle for compensation.

For “Ship For Me” forwarding service, Buy2you can only shoulder the international shipping fee . Maximum not more than USD 100. Goods under sensitive or prohibited list, there’s no any refund will be made.