How do I find my item on


For example, if you are looking for men’s G-star’s jeans, you would enter” G-star 牛仔裤 男” in the TaoBao search bar.

If you are looking for men’s POLO T-shirt, you would enter” POLO 男 T恤”.

Generally, you can search with English or simply use the format: Brand + type + sex!

Here are some words that you may use:

English Chinese

man 男

woman 女

bag 包

jeans 牛仔裤

suit 西装

coat 外套

shoes 鞋子

T-shirt T恤

jacket 夹克

shoes 鞋

skirt 裙


Electronic device

You can enter the product code in the search bar.

For example, if you are looking for Nokia N97,

you can enter “Nokia N97” or “诺基亚 N97”

If you are looking for Joyoung soymilk maker which has product ID JYDZ-17A,

you simply enter “JYDZ-17A”.

If you still need help finding your goods, please contact Customer Service.

How do I view the seller’s reputation?

Just under the seller’s name, you can see heart(s)/diamond(s)/crown(s) which represent how many points the seller has (seller gets 1 point for each positive rating, and -1 for each negative rating). Next to that, you can see the shop’s “positive rating” (好评率) which is rated by the buyers who have bought from this seller. The best performance is 好评率:100%.

Red heart(s): 4 – 250 points

Blue diamond(s): 251 – 10000 points

Blue crown(s):10001 – 500000 points

Golden crown(s): more than 500000 points


Every positive rating gives the seller 1 point.

Every negative rating takes away 1 point.

Which products cannot we purchase for you?

We can’t purchase animals, plants, large-sized cargos, virtual items, heavy metal raw material, toxic or radioactive heavy metal products,and items beyond our purchasing ability and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable requests.

Why goods stock information sometimes wrong?

This is because the information about stock on Taobao webpage is not always true.
Listing on Taobao is totally free, and most sellers are individuals, the webpage is not always updated in time. It’s not the same as Ebay. Ebay will charge sellers money, but taobao will not. This is the reason why sometimes you’ll get feedback that the goods are out of stock although the webpage shows they are available.


1) Arrival of goods to china warehouse: ETA 5-7 working days from date purchased. sometimes may upto 7-10 working days according China seller location / seller available stock/ Peak Season/ China holiday

2) International shipping: Packed & update from warehouse takes 1-2 work days after order arrived.

3) Shipping date: After shipping fee paid.

4) International delivery time: Air shipping, ETA 7-10 working days, not include saturday, sunday & public holiday. Sea shipping ETA 20-30days.

Can I cancel an order?

Please be sure to add what you need before your payment or order generated. We do not hornor any cancellation or refund once your order is placed and purchased.

You are able to cancel your order as long as it has not been generated. To cancel your order, please go to order detail page and press cancel button.

What will Buy2you do if the item is out of stock?

When the purchaser finds that item is out of stock, we will mail to inform you and the money will be refunded to your member account once order cancelled. If Order still have other items, refund will be made after available items complete arrived warehouse.

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